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Over the last decade, our team has arranged over $10 billion of financing for businesses across a wide range of industries. Over that time, the capital environment has changed significantly. Specifically, the big banks have all but abandoned small and medium-sized businesses - The economic reality for the big banks is that they cannot focus on smaller businesses because it costs them the same amount of time and resources to process a $50,000 loan as it does a $1,000,000 loan. As a result, they focus on the clients with larger loan sizes, leaving entrepreneurs and small business owners often having a hard time finding the capital they need to grow their businesses.

We decided to change that and in 2015, we started Foundation Business Loans to help small businesses obtain the capital they need to thrive. We created our unique platform in order to serve small and medium-sized businesses as a trusted partner.

At Foundation Business Loans, we treat entrepreneurs as clients, not transactions. We pay close attention to our customers to make sure they get the dedication and personalized service they deserve. We're here to help!

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